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Contact The Fivepenny Piece

The Fivepenny Piece, as pictured on the sleeve of 'The Very Best of Fivepenny Piece' CD. Contact

You can contact us at:

Band Enquiries to band@5pp.co.uk - this goes directly Margaret Meeks, The Fivepenny Piece's manager. Any enquiries about the band, songs, releases, etc, should be sent here.

Shop Enquiries to sales@5pp.co.uk - this goes directly to the Edward Meeks who runs the band's shop. Any enquiries about sales (personal or trade) should be sent here.

Website Enquiries to web@5pp.co.uk - this goes directly to Somersetmade Ltd. who run the band's website. Any enquiries about advertising on the website, corrections or additions to the website content, or of a technical nature should be sent here.


Much of the material was collated by the website's originator Paul Gunningham. His work was always done for the good of the band, and to further the name and reputation of The Fivepenny Piece. Our copyright reflects that: whilst all material remains copyright to Paul Gunningham, The Fivepenny Piece and Somersetmade Ltd, please feel free to use, quote or link to the website if it will bring The Fivepenny Piece to a new (or indeed revisit an old) audience. If in doubt, please email the band or the webmaster for confirmation.

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