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The Fivepenny Piece Discography

Lanky Spoken Here
Various Artists

EMI Gold 5840162 (first issue)

Release Date: 5th May 2003

The long-awaited CD of the much sought-after 1978 Lanky Spoken Here album was released in May 2003. Advertised as being 'now bigger and better than before!', EMI added some extra songs that weren't included on the original release, including three new ones by The Fivepenny Piece - Ee By Gum, Big Jim and A Gradely Prayer. The other extra songs are by erstwhile band member Bernard Wrigley (although the album was recorded before he joined the group).

However, due to a mastering error, the CD was issued without any of the spoken passages, thus defeating the whole object of the record! EMI deleted the CD, and then re-issued it with the spoken passages restored - but without any of the bonus track. See the new Lanky Spoken Here CD page for details.

  1. Lanky Spoken Here! - Gary and Vera Aspey
  2. Brewers Droop - Bob Williamson
  3. Buggerlugs Luvs Sugar Butty - Bernard Wrigley
  4. Black Pud Stud - Bernard Wrigley
  5. ³
  6. When Granny Sang Me Songs - Bernard Wrigley
  7. ³
  8. I'm Powfagged - The Fivepenny Piece
  9. The Heavy Breather - Bernard Wrigley
  10. Ee By Gum - The Fivepenny Piece
  11. ³
  12. Big Jim - The Fivepenny Piece
  13. ³
  14. Let's All Shout For Hughie! - Bernard Wrigley
  15. ³
  16. A Gradely Prayer - The Fivepenny Piece
  17. ³
  18. The Martians Have Landed In Wigan - Bernard Wrigley
  19. ³
  20. Saturday Cowboys - Bernard Wrigley
  21. ²
  22. Reprise: Lanky Spoken Here! - Gary and Vera Aspey
The Fivepenny Piece CD cover

¹ The track listing here only lists the songs on the album, not the spoken bits in between!
² This is the information I've been given by EMI - on the original LP this song was sung by The Fivepenny Piece
³ Bonus songs not included on the original LP

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