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The Fivepenny Piece Discography

Lanky Spoken Here!
Various Artists

EMI Note NTS 161

Release Date: 1978

A light-hearted "Lankyphone" course in the Lancashire dialect or "Lanky", written by leading Lanky expert Dave Dutton. It was recorded in front of a live audience at the Derby Room in Leigh in the heart of central Lancashire, and featured various artists from the Lancashire area including The Fivepenny Piece. Much of the record was spoken and illustrated the rich vein of humour in the Lanky lingo, with the colourful phrases "translated" into English for the benefit of "foreigners"!

The track listing below is from the album cover and only lists the songs, which only form a small part of the record. The rest consists of the spoken sections, which are not listed on the cover or label.

Side 1 includes

  1. Lanky Spoken Here! - Gary & Vera Aspey
  2. Brewer's Droop - Bob Williamson
  3. Saturday Cowboys - The Fivepenny Piece
    Interpolating 'The Magnificent Seven' (Bernstein)

Side 2 includes

  1. Buggerlugs Luvs Sugar Butty - Bernard Wrigley
  2. I'm Powfagged - The Fivepenny Piece
  3. The Heavy Breather - Bernard Wrigley
  4. Reprise: Lanky Spoken Here! - Gary & Vera Aspey and whole cast
The Fivepenny Piece CD cover

The Lanky language course was interspersed with songs, two of which were by The Fivepenny Piece. The participants in the spoken bits included Lynda Meeks, George Radcliffe and Eddie Crotty of The Fivepenny Piece. Other participants in the record were Gary & Vera Aspey, who sang the title song; Bob Williamson, Dave Dutton, Tony Melody, and future 5PP member Bernard Wrigley; and posh-voiced former BBC TV newsreader Robert Dougall who provided the English translations along with Sheila Tracy.

Some of the band's best-loved songs appeared on this album, including the Northern humour of Where There's Muck There's Brass, Affluence and Hear All, See All, Say Nowt; the lovely Watercolour Morning and Sail Away, Tin Soldier Friend; and the thought-provoking Old England - and of course the title song. A point to note is that the band's name was shown on the front cover as Fivepenny Piece (not The Fivepenny Piece), for the first time.

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