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The Fivepenny Piece Lyrics

Brown Photographs (John Meeks - Colin Radcliffe)

I've sat on her knee for many an hour at brown photographs we'd be looking
and she'd tell of the times she'd had in her life some good, some tears and some laughing.

And she'd tell of the times when life was so grand when the mills were all weaving and spinning
in her bonnet and shawl at the start of each day to work, then her play, then her courting.

Her day it was long, most of them hard they didn't pay much for her working
but when it were done she always came home to a house that was poor but was loving.

And she lives all alone since my grandfather died she don't have the same joy of living
but she don't mope around, she's always a smile old fashioned advice she'd be giving.

She says time have changed, people have to they're too busy fighting and grabbing
when she were a lass well they hadn't much cash but they were never frightened of giving

And my grandfathers boots still stand by the fire as if home from the mill he'd be coming
and as evening 'll come you'll find her alone by the fire her memories living.

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