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The Fivepenny Piece Songs

The Fivepenny Piece Songs pages list in alphabetical order all the known songs* (not forgetting the monologues!) recorded or written by The Fivepenny Piece, and give brief notes about each. This is the index page, which gives a complete alphabetical index of all the songs. Further information about the individual songs is given in these pages:

Part 1 (A-C)   |   Part 2 (D-F)   |   Part 3 (G-J)   |   Part 4 (K-O)   |   Part 5 (P-S)   |   Part 6 (T-Z)

or just click on the song title below to go to the appropriate page. If anyone knows of any other songs not in the list, then please let us know.

* songs from the CD 57 Fivepenny Favourites have not been included in this list, as these are all medleys of extracts of songs made famous by others, and are not really typical The Fivepenny Piece material.

A Affluence
Air Hostess, The
Albert's Apple Tree
Armchair Athlete
Ashton Mashers
Away In A Manger
Aylesbury Duck, The
B Ballad Of Emmylou
Bantam Cock
Battle Of Hastings 1066
Best Of Order, Thank You Please!
Big Jim
Big Jim Meets Nessie
Black Pud Stud
Bob Platt
Bonnie Brid
Boozer's Lament
Bottoms Up!
Bowton's Yard
Brown Photographs
Buggerlugs Loves Sugar Butty
Butterflies And Songbirds
C Can I?
Can't See The Wood For The Trees
City Of Manchester
Colours Of My Life
Come Whoam To Thi Childer An Me
Cum To Your Tea
D Day Of The Rain, The
Dear Albert
Diddlers Three, The
Dirty Old Town
Doctor, The
Doctor Bell (The Quack Doctor)
Doctor Duck & Sailor Sam
Doggies, The
Down At Our School
Down Our Street
Dutchman, The
E Early In The Morning
Ee By Gum
Emerald Dew
F Faithless Weaver, The
Fine Feathers
First Day At School
Five Merry Minstrels
Football Match, The
Four Bare Legs In A Bed
Four Strong Winds
Fred Fannakapan
G Gather In The Mushrooms
General On A Rocking Horse
Gently Gently
Gift Of Love, The
Give Us A Smile George
Going Nowhere
Gotta Get Away
Gradely Prayer, A
Great Deal Of Difference, A
H Hand Me Down Trousers
Hang The Flag Out Mrs Jones
He Came To Me
He Willy Nilly
Hear All, See All, Say Nowt
Hencote, The
Home Made Brew
I I Ask The Question (Who Am I)?
I Don't Know If I Wanna Go Home
I Like The Working Classes
If I Were A Carpenter
I'll Be Still In Love With You
I'm A Big Boy
I'm Henpecked
I'm In Love With...
I'm Powfagged
In A World Of Three Foot Nothing
It's A Long Way
J Johnny Beggar Journeys Of My Mind, The
K Keep Yer 'And On Yer 'Alfpenny
Kestrel, The
King Cotton
L Lady Lovely Lady
Lancashire Lyne, The
Lancashire My Lancashire
Land Of Half Past Nine, The
Land Of The Musical Telephone
Left-Handed Thread
Let Me Down Easy
Life Is A Game Of Chance
Little Boy Little Girl
Liverpool Lullaby
Long Long Time Has Gone, A
Look Into My Eyes
Lord Of The Dance
Lucky Lot, The
Lunatic Song
M Manchester Rambler
Mary's Boy Child
Matchstalk Men & Matchstalk Cats & Dogs
Mermaid, The
Mi Grandfather's Day
Mi Gronny
Miners' Life
Minstrel, The
Miss Nightingale
Miss Prim & Proper
Mistaken Identity
Molly Kershaw
Mon Like Thee, A
Mountain Climber
My Brudda Sylvest
My Friend The Mirror
My Little Town
My Morning Friend
N Nowt So Queer As Folk
O Old Armchair, The
Old Brown Jacket
Old England
Old Tom The Weaver
Old Tyrant, The
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Our Bill & The Concrete Mixer
Our Corner Shop's A Supermarket Now
Our Dog Fred
Our Sarah's Getten A Chap
'Ow Do, 'Ow Are You
Owd Rimbant
P Q Paddle Your Own Canoe
Paint A Perfect Christmas
Pal Of My Cradle Days
Parrot, The
Passing Of Today, The
Peddlers Of Songs
People Said
People Tree, The
Pete Was A Lonely Mongrel Dog Who Lived In Central Wigan
Piddling Pete (Riders In The Sky)
Polar Bear
Put Wood In Th'Ole
R Rainbows
Rawtenstall Annual Fair
Reflections Of Emily
Royton Sands
Running Free
S Sail Away Tin Soldier Friend
Sandstone Castle
Saturday Cowboys
Save Your Last Kiss For Me
Scarlet Ribbons
See-Saw Song
Seth Davey
Sha La La
Silent Night
Simon Gavin
Sing No More For You My Friends
Soft Summer Nights
Sometimes When We Touch
Songs We Like To Sing
Spanish Holiday
Special Child, A
Stalybridge Market
Stalybridge Station
Stalybridge Wakes
Stamford Street Lament
Stories From The Wishing Well
Straightforward Lancashire Lad
Streets Of London
T Tadpoles In A Jam Jar
Take Me With You
Teacher, The
Tell Us It Ain't So
There's A Great Deal Of Difference
They Tell Us Owt
Time Is Now, The
Today I Am A Mountain
Tummeld In
Tuppence Change
TV Addict
Twelfth Of Never, The
Two Soldiers
U V Union Silver Up North
W X Water Is Wide, The
Watercolour Morning
Watering Can
Waterloo Silent Band
Well I Tell Thee Dick
What A Splendid Character
What Can You Do When Your Clogs Let In Water?
When Granny Sang Me Songs
Where There's Muck There's Brass
While Children Sleep
Who's To Blame?
Wild Rover
Willie Pollard
Wine Women & Song
Winter Sun
Wish You Were Here
Write Me A Song
Y Z Yellow Faded Pages
You Had Been This Way Before
Your Song

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